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    Bhogwe Region

  • Smiley faceBhogwe beach, about 6 kms from Parule, 29 kms from Kudal and 36 kms from Vengurla, is located on the western shores of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra. Endowed with foamy waves thundering onto the silvery white sand, this beach will surely free you from the shackles of stress and boredom. Village Bhogave has another attraction of the merging of the river named Karli with the sea. The beach offers a wonderful view of Karli river’s estuary, which mingles secretly with sea waters from behind Devbaug’s famous Mobara Point. On a clear day, one can see dolphins frolicking in the lagoon.
    Nearby cities: Vengurla, sawantwada, Vejre Villa

  • Smiley face Tsunami Island(around 1 and 1/2 acre area) is an Oasis of calm amidst the Turbulent waves of the Arabian Sea.This piece of land was cut off from mainland during Tsunami. A Snack Stall which caters to the tourists is run by the nearby Residents in this Island now.

  • Smiley faceNivati Fort: Situated on a high hill at a village named Kochare in Vengurla Taluka. Nivati fort occupies 2 acres of hilly area. The rampart wall is stout, around which there is a ditch. Previously the fort was in charge of the british Govt., as one of the officers had won it in 18th century. The tourists coming to Vengurle and Bhogave, take a turn off to visit this fort.

  • Smiley faceNivati Beach: [28Km from Vengurla Port] Proposed Dolphin Bay This beach is famous for its dolphin-site. You can have a rare, pleasant view of dancing dolphin-sight seeing. Here dolphins are accustomed to human beings. The project of Dolphin – bay is being carried out by the Forest Department of Sindhudurg. So to say, Dolphins are generally found at the sea-coasts at Bhogave, Kelus, Khavane, Devbag etc. But they are existent in tremendous strength at Nivati Beach only. Similarly one can observe here the traditional way of fishing, too. The resorts and hotels run by local people are at your service here.

  • Malvan Region

  • Smiley faceSindhudurg Fort: The Sindhudurg fort at Malvan, in coastal Maharashtra, is built in the Arabian Sea and is India's largest sea fortress. It was built by the Marathas to protect the Konkan coast from the Siddi pirates, who had built several sea fortresses along the Konkan coast. Though the fort is in ruins, the local tourism body has introduced aquatic activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving to promote tourism.

  • Smiley face Tarkarli:Tarkarli is a small and beautiful costal village in Malvan Taluka famous for its clean beaches and backwaters. This village is famous for its Ramnavmi Utsav. Here in Mapurush Temple the celebration of Ramnavmi is arranged every year. To mark this occasion there are various dramas (Marathi Natak) are arranged.

  • Smiley faceDevbagh:Devbagh is a small fishing village based on a thin strip of land with Karli river backwaters on one side and Arabian sea on the other. Devbagh beach is adjacent to Tarkarli beach and ends at Devbagh sangam. It is easily accessed by the Malvan-Tarkarli road. Devbagh beach is less crowded even during high tourist season and attacts tourist looking for peace and nature.

  • Vengurle Region

  • Smiley face Vengurle Bandar/Port: Vengurla is a town in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India just north of Goa. It is surrounded by a semicircular range of hills with lush green foliage mainly of cashew, mango, coconut, and different kinds of berry trees. The hills of Dabholi, Tulas, and Mochemad respectively lie in the north, the east, and the south of Vengurla, while the Arabian Sea is located on its west.

  • Parure Region

  • Smiley faceAdi Narayana Temple: This Temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Vishnu. Though the exact date of its construction is not known, an inscription on one of the shrines points its period to be of Vijayanagara Empire and that this temple was built by Balavandakulu. The temple has a walled enclosure with a large gate way. The gate way on the eastern side haswooden doors but it cannot be deciphered from the present state whether there was Gopuram above the gateway or not. Inside the walls, the temple houses three shrines

  • Smiley faceVetoba Temple: Aravali Aravali is an inviting village in Vengurla Taluka. Vetoba is the main deity of Aravali. Vetoba means Vetal, the king of ghosts, believed to be the guard of the locality. It was in 16th century that a sage (saint) named Mumayya, belonging to the creed Natha pantha, at first reinstated the wooden idol of God Vetoba (1530 AD) Since then, after each century the idol is replaced by a new one with enthusiastic centenary celebration. Shri Dev Vetoba Devasthan is Aravali’s main temple and its chief tourist attraction. It is situated on the main Shiroda-Vengurle thoroughfare.