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32 Authentic Konkani Food at The Leelas - Fish Dishes
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Solkadhi is a type of curry usually had with rice or sometimes drunk after the meals. Popular in the Konkan region of India, it is made from coconut milk and kokum. It's known for it digestive properties. The preparation is prepared from liquid extracted from fresh coconut known as coconut milk; however nowadays you can also get this extracted milk in TetraPack. The coconut milk so obtained is usually mixed with kokum, a little bit of salt and/or chili-garlic paste is added for taste.
35 Authentic Konkani Food at The Leelas - Ghavan
Ghavan is a quickie dosa. It is mostly made in coastal areas on Maharashtra as rice is key ingredient in their diets. The process to make a ghavan is much simpler than dosa which involves soaking rice overnight and then grinding it the next day. It is a quick brunch item, must try for everyone.
35 Authentic Konkani Food at The Leelas - Kombdi Vade
Kombdi vade is a non-vegetarian dish native to the Konkan region in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The dish consists of a traditional chicken curry (including chicken pieces with bones), vade (fluffy fried dumplings made of rice flour, and occasionally of wheat and Ragi flour), onions, lemon juice and solkadhi (a gravy made from coconut milk). This dish is majorly prepared on "Gatari" and "Dev Diwali" in Raigad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts of Konkan. Generally this dish is available throughout the year especially in the coastal area of Maharashtra including mumbai.
35 Authentic Konkani Food at The Leelas - Malvani Mutton Masala
A very spicy, coconut and onion based curry from the Malvan region of the west coast of India. All non vegetarian lovers' delight, the Malwani mutton masala has the perfect blend of spice powders, onion-tomato paste and traditional Malwani cuisine flavours embedded in the succulent mutton pieces. Enjoy with bhakris made from rice flour.
35 Authentic Konkani Food at The Leelas - Mori Masala
In spite of being a fish,Mori (shark) is prepared like a mutton/chicken. Generally in the preparation of fish curry, freshly grated coconut is used for grinding but in case of Mori , the coconut is roasted in oil and all the other ingredients and method of preparation resembles that of mutton/chicken.